Antic Cuir

Drupal 7 + multi-language + Responsive

Drupal 7 site with multiples languages (Spanish, English, French and Catalan) for Curtidos Gracia (and its brand Antic Cuir), working together with Aquells Nois Tan Simpàtics. Curtidos Gracia (Antic Cuir) is a leather manufacturer with a long history (more than 40 years) and with an important international presence.

Website Drupal development and theme implementation. Implementing a design by Aquells Nois Tan Simpàtics, responsive web, html5 and css3. Custom Drupal module to enable ajax on leather references filtering. Javascript tool created for leather measurements and calculations.

Highlights: affective and eficient leather references visual layer. Important effort on easy content edit.

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  • November 10, 2013
    After a time looking for a job and trainning to get back to Java world, reading some (a lot) books and checking how useful are they, I am sure about this : The Algorithm Design Manual (Steve Skiena)...

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